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Art Prompt Card Projects

I had been accumulating art supplies for two decades. I had so many supplies and so many ideas that almost any time I thought about sitting down to create, I became overwhelmed with options and paralyzed with indecision. After finally recognizing the problem that I'd been experiencing for years, in 2022 I decided to combat it. I made a list of all the mediums that I had gathered over the years, and then another list of things I find beautiful and felt inspired to make art about. With those two lists, I took a set of (oddly useless) face cards that I'd picked up at a thrift store and put them to use. The idea was to let fate decide where to start, and for it to be an exciting challenge each time. There are a lot of different randomizers to be found on the internet, but the tactile experience of having these cards in my hands is another satisfying layer to this entire process.

If you want your own prompt cards, you can download a printable version for free at this link.

And to follow along with this project, join me on instagram, tiktok, or youtube.

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