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Are you a spark seeker?

Do you remember being a kid, when you'd find an activity that you were completely immersed in, where you lost all track of time and never felt bored? Days felt long and full, and even if it took effort, the activity itself was gratifying. You had no concern for impressing others, no stress about what was coming next; only the challenge in front of you.

Getting that feeling again is why I make art.

We can lose touch with the pure curiosity and awe that once drove our actions and brought us natural balance and peace as children. Many of us have been conditioned to do things mainly to impress or even just feel accepted by others. This was true for me with art and in much of my life; and it took me a long time to reconnect with the reason I was drawn to creating in the first place. I finally learned how to again use art as a means to get the most real joy out of what's around me—to connect with people and the physical materials of the world, and to connect to myself.


For those who get the same satisfaction from making art,  

I hope to be an example of creating for creation's sake.

I want to be a source to help you find tools and inspiration, and to show you that it doesn't take an art degree or expensive supplies to find joy in creating. I want to help you remember to be curious and playful, to try new things, and to know that mistakes and even "failure" are part of the process. Making stuff into other stuff can be messy and challenging, and rarely turns out the way we originally imagined, but that's half the fun of it–

just like the rest of life.

 And for others, who may have completely different interests and activiites you're excited by than I do, I encourage you to

explore the world in any way that ignites your own spark.

I might never feel drawn to falconry or learning to play the bagpipes, but I sure will cheer you on along your way.

Are you a spark seeker?

My favorite thing about the internet has always been the power of comradery and collaboration not limited by distance. 

Join me

for inspiration and encouragement on whichever community is your favorite.

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