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trying to say more than is said

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Art Prompt Card Projects

Butterfly Acrylic Pour Frames

Culinary Kid Kitchens

DND DM Screen

Electroluminescent Wire Pieces

Four Corners Leather Map

Star Map

Traditional art over the years


The reason I was drawn to art in the first place is the experimentation of it all. I love pushing past the expected and routine, and finding, learning, experiencing something new. I love the feel of different mediums in my hands, literally interfacing with materials of the world around me in that place where control meets not-control. I love the surprise and troubleshooting that goes along with the process, and the never-quite-knowing how it's going to turn out, even though I'm the one at the helm. I love the challenge of adaptation, and the trust I build in myself to learn from failures. I love watching something I've never seen before take shape: watching my own imagination materialize in three dimensions. Here are some examples of what arises from that process. 



taking my camera around the world

featured client projects


trying to say more than is said
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