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Culinary Kid Kitchens

It started when found a wooden play kitchen at a thrift store for $15, and knew I had to recraft it for one of the toddlers I was nannying at the time. I already planned to give her some kitchen toys for Christmas, and she'd just moved into a bigger, jungle-themed bedroom, so I knew where it would end up... but the rest I made up as I went. I used paint stripper to get down to most of the original wood, and went from there. I found replacement knobs and hand-painted the backsplash with acrylic paints. 

The next Christmas I found another mini kitchen to give to another toddler I had nannied. I wanted to incorperate her favorite color, "dark pink," and go a little more abstract with this one. The kitchen didn't come with a sink or faucet, so I cut a hole through the top and used a steam table pan for the sink, and then an asymmetrical drawer handle from a local ReStore that made for a funky faucet. I also found another wide drawer handle to use as a faux oven handle.

I love how they both turned out! One-of-a-kind pieces for some one-of-a-kind kids.

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