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Natural Phenomena


I have always been a risk, a windstorm, hazardous amongst brittle heirlooms and fragile people. So I tried to tame my fervor, swallow my intensity, reign my rain. I became paralyzed by my belief that my only legacy was damage. My nature isn’t graceful.

You have always been an anomaly, a pearl hewn from dust with no alchemist overseer. Few see the fire dancing in your heart, the burning in your veins, how you are an unquenchable blaze. Lightning trembles and thunder cracks in your depths, but others only see your smooth surface. They are fooled into thinking you are their reflection.

It has been in both our natures to stand at cliff edges, at skyscraper peaks. We tempt vertigo, coax adrenaline, plead with the silent Ether below that she will send a storm, to distract from our inner tremors, to eclipse the churning in our cores. We begged for anything powerful enough to Move us.

We were bound to collide. Your surface brushed against mine, and the storms inside rose and ruptured all barriers between us. We set loose into each other, polyrhythmic iterations of breathtaking collapse. Like our tugging currents, like floating into chasms, like tumbling into the sky, like the elemental reactions of nature’s every climax.

Immersed in a mineral wildfire slipstream, we are the perfect storm.

We are flames and floods. A burning room with acrylic waterfalls left untouched, tempest waves teeming with embers. We are wind in clay. Mountains that drift between continents with ashy mist trailing, heavy soil pulsing with breath. Sparks drenching through every cell, caves gasping for a marble breeze, an impossible dance of the elements. Cold magma rapids drifting from clouds. Flames hot enough to melt this diamond heart.

Tidal waves sear away our scars in a desert avalanche of ignited truths. Winds peel off locked-door-emotion rooftops, wrench up the foundations of our lookout towers. It rains in sheets, Sheets, airy cotton ocean foam, sinking, blowing, engulfing, Surging the way we surge into each other.

I believed that no one could embrace my impact, but you stand me without support. And when you blow me away, I don’t budge.

Break your waves, your wind against me. Burn yourself into me and let me pour into you. Cataclysm without ruin, an endless aftermath to delve. This impact is no disaster.

This is Our nature. We are not afraid.


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